Available for performances workshops and mentoring

Telephone:01772 701051 (Preston) Mob 07530286966

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  • MA in Performance Studies Central School of Speech and Drama

  • PTTLS basic teaching certificate awaiting results

  • Level 11 Literacy Level 11 Numercay Professional Studies from Sept 2011

  • CTTL from September 2009 to May 2010

  • Professional Studies Sept 2011


  • Secret Arts 2003 on-going

Short Films Poem

  • Waves made into a short film by Preston

  • Moviemakers 12th Jan 2005

  • DVD made improvised poetry 4 Jan 2007 by Preston

  • Moviemakers


  • Reading of poem “Work” Merseyside Radio October 2007

  • Interviewed by Dail Magazine March 2007

  • May 2012 interview on Community radio in Manchester


  • Winner of Murder and Disability Poetry Competition 2006
    In Dail Magazine

  • Runner up Dail Poetry Magazine 2007

Recent workshops

  • Workshops for Disability Information Services Centre

  • Jan 27 2009 reminiscence on local history in Preston

  • Jan 29 workshop themed The Sea and writing and drawings from memory

  • Facilitator for two arts based workshops for Preston DISC

  • For disabled people 2007

  • Placement in Creative Writing and support ITQ level 11 Maths at Blackpool and Fylde College 29 Sept 2011
     to May 2012

  • Session Hull Traders textile exhibition 10 March 2011
     on reading and writing performance poetry at Blackpool and Fylde College 10 February 2011

  • Sessions on writing poetry inspired by an exhibition on November 2010
    Arts into Business Audition Process from May 2010 Wigan and Leigh College

  • Jan 2010-May 2010 devisied performance sessions with a final performance of the Wedding in MaySupervising students anthology for Blackpool and Fylde College on 29 April 2010

  • Two hour session on English Lit analyzing 2 texts for History, Culture and Diversity at Blackburn College on 28 April 2010

  • Two workshops and rehearsal of The Wedding

  • Supervising an anthology of students work 22 April 2010 for Blackpool and Fylde College and

  • Monologues Blackpool and Fylde College
    23 February 2010


  • Freelance group leader for the Museum of Lancashire from April

  • 2008 – research literature and local history, workshop leader for creative writing and writing poetry for exhibition

  • October 2012 part time blogger for hog roast company


  • Arts Adviser hosted by Prescap resulting in a pass 6 November 2008

  • Running an accessible event 21 January 2009 by Wigan Leisure and

  • Culture Trust


  • On Performance Poetry for Shelley Dworkin Poetry Café Preston
    July 11th,18th October and 27th October2004

  • Black History Project April 2015 to June 2016.


  • Shortlisted for Newcomer award as part of Dada festival

List of Performances:

  • Dead Good Poets on-going Liver Bards on-going

  • 23 October 2008 Performer Reverberate Reverberate Manchester Comedy Festival
    19 November 2007 Performance as part of Dadaverse part of Dada Festival

  • March 2006- present Dead Good Poets

  • 20 July 2003 Performance as part Of Dead Good Poets at Oxford Poetry Festival Festival

  • Various performances in and around London and South East including

  • ICA, Big Word, Deptford Albany, Portmouth Arts Centre, Marquee

  • Café and various community festivals. Appearances on Big City Carlton

  • Tv London.

  • Performaces at Wordsoup ,Spotlight Club,

  • Lancaster, Brewery Arts Centre (Kendal)

  • Liverpool Lion Tavern and Dead Good Poets and Dadfest ,

  • Preston Tringe Festival and Contact Theatre

  • Dead Good Poets

  • Dadafest

  • Merry Men
    Click here for video

  • Mary and her Handbag- Spotlight Club
    Click here for video

  • 17 February 2017 Entrant in Beat the Frog Manchester Frog and Bucket 20

  • March 2017 Performance Artiste at Klinker Performance Poet


  • Brief appearance in The Guardian 1994

  • Part of Footprints in time by Poetry Today

  • Part of anthology “The Ties That Bind Poetry Today” and various poetry magazines

  • Krax magazine

  • Part of anthology ‘Take Five Poets’ – Printed by ID books Wales.

  • NADA Magazine – ‘Tripping the Light Fantastic’
    Peoples Poets Anthology 2004

  • Dead Good Poets Society 2005

  • Poems 800 published on web 2007

  • Poetry Cornwall poem In Bed 2008

  • Leek soup published in Poetry Monthly June 2008

  • Shadow accepted for Krax magagzine

  • Four booklets of poetry printed by Bob Cobbin New River Project

  • Five poems used on Nomads website

  • Poetry used in permanent exhibition in Museum of Lancashire

  • Six poems accepted for Red Ink magazine due out June 2009

  • Carciogenic poetry 2010 Inclement poetry magazine 2010

  • All Aboard and In Bed with John Lennon featured on Thebeatlesstory website

  • Poetry Cornwall and Poetry Monthly,

  • Krax and Inclement 2011, 2012 and 2013

  • Poetand geek Care for Chairs 2011

  • Gold Dust Calender October 2011

  • Chelmsford Poetry Frestival Poetry Slam- will be appearing next year as part of the festival. Heart Anthology USA San Pedro River Review


Gabby's exciting, unpredictable and incredibly inventive poetry performances always keep the audiences on the edge of their seat and her workshop are delivered with great professionalism and charm. She's an asset to any festival or poetry night.

Anna Saunders, Cheltenham Poetry Festival



On seeing in my mind’s eye your long hair encasing a face
Worn by wisdom that only life brings for we are friends you and I.
As I pass each corner alone your voice echoes across the empty streets
Dawn sets I await your tread fall
I teeter between grief and happiness to have known you
For we shared a dream
But we stand as one as I remember you
With all my heart I recall funny moments
Embrace my loss
The wind blows away my tears
The sun warms my face
We stand at peace as I wish you could be with me.

Gabby Tyrrell


I tread the pavement carefully
something is after me
The hair on the back of my neck rises.
My eyes dart around
I hear a footfall -a shout.
A fall
I run.
It runs after me
Dark arms embrace me and hold me close.
My shadow was only trying
to keep up with me.

Gabby Tyrrell


Intoxification is a collection of poems by Elizabeth Tyrrell otherwise as Gabby Tyrrell.
It is a collection about the very act of being carried away by something other than just inspiration. The introductory cost of £4.99 (UK) includes postage and packaging. Overseas the cost is £5.99 including postage and packaging it is available through the Paypal button on the website.

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